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Donate your unused video games, trading cards and collectibles to support CHEO

Drop off your donations to one of our drop locations around the city!
Have questions? Call or email us - 1-855-482-4263

The 2023 Games For Life Campaign has now ended!
Thank you to everyone who participated, we raised over $2,300 in funds to support CHEO in this years campaign!


What is the Games For Life Campaign? The Games For Life Campaign is a donation in-kind opportunity for those looking to support the CHEO Foundation, by trading-in their unused video game, trading card or collectible collections.


How does this work? Donations are made by delivering item collections to your nearest drop-off location found in your community. Donated items are then processed at our sorting facility to determine a cash trade-in value. Cash proceeds then have the option to be split evenly between the donor (you), and CHEO, or to be sent in full to CHEO.


We are currently accepting the following trade-in items:

  • Video Games
  • Video Game Consoles
  • Pokémon Trading Cards
  • Magic: The Gathering Trading Cards
  • Sports Cards


How much do I get for my items? How much is donated to CHEO? Item trade-in values are assessed within 1-4 weeks of drop off by a team of pricing specialists. The trade-in value of your items are determined by a combination of item quantity, rarity, condition, and other factors to ultimately land on a final trade-in cash value. Final values are not guaranteed, and in some instances, items which are damaged or partially missing may result in zero trade-in value.


Cash payouts are then optionally paid in one of two ways: (A) 50% of trade-in value is sent to donors by cheque in the mail with the other 50% of trade-in value being sent to CHEO, or (B) 100% of cash trade-in value is sent directly to CHEO. You may choose your payout option at the time of drop off.


Do you give donated items to kids at CHEO? No, this is a donation in-kind campaign. Items are donated to GT Games in contribution to the Games For Life Campaign. GT Games then generates a cash payout based on the assessed trade-in value which is sent to support the CHEO foundation.


Who runs this campaign? The Games For Life Campaign is run by GT Games, a local game store in Ottawa who specializes in selling new & used video games, trading cards, toys and collectibles.


Save time and download our donation form in advance. Please fill out the form and bring it along with you during drop-off.


For questions and more information: