Membership Rewards

Earn GT Coins on every purchase. Redeem for discounts or free stuff on future purchases.

Welcome to the GT Games Membership Program!

Members Earn GT Coins on Every Purchase:

With our exclusive GT Games Rewards Program, you can earn valuable GT Coins on every purchase, unlocking fantastic discounts and freebies for your future gaming adventures.

Ways to Earn GT Coins:

Purchase Rewards: Members earn GT Coins with every purchase, and higher ranks receive even more through our VIP ranking system.

Loyalty Program Bonus: Sign up for our loyalty program to instantly earn bonus GT Coins.

Social Media Engagement: Like/Follow GT Games on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and share our website on your personal Facebook to earn additional GT Coins.

Referral Program: Refer friends to using your personalized referral link and watch your GT Coins balance grow.

Positive Reviews: Leave a great Google review for our website and earn extra GT Coins.

Our VIP Membership Levels

Spend more and rank up. Higher ranks earn more discounts and perks.

How it works


Sign up or log in to start earning straight away.


Automatically collect points with every purchase.


Redeem your points for discount codes.

Redeem points for rewards

Redeem for discounts on any purchase, with 100 GT Coins equaling $1 in savings. Enjoy special perks such as free shipping and exclusive GT Coins Free Merchandise.