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Sell your video games or trading cards for cash or store credit!

Submit your Buylist, arrange pick up, get cash. Its that easy!
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GT Games Trade-in Depot
Welcome to the GT Games Trade-in Depot! We will buy your collections for cash or store credit (credit trades gain a bonus 30% value). No matter how big or small, new or used, we will buy your collection!

How does this work?

Step 1: Submit your list or collection.

To sell us cards, please use one of the links above to open our online buylist tool. Enter your cards and submit a list for review.

To sell us video games, please download our video game excel template and follow the steps to complete the sheet. Email completed sheets back to for review.

Alternatively, you can bring in your collection to our store and we would be glad to provide a trade-in quote on the spot!


Step 2: Arrange pick up or drop off

Trading in your items is very easy! We have 3 options when it comes to trading in your collections:

Option A: Scheduled pick up from your location.  That's right! If you are located in the Ottawa area, we can schedule a pick up from your house or business for free! Let us know you'd like to schedule a pick up and we will arrange a day and time. Typically, we like to schedule all pick ups on Thursdays during the week.

Contact us at - 1-855-482-4263 to schedule your pick up.

Option B: Self drop off. If you'd like to come by our store and drop off your collection, you can absolutely do so! At the moment, we are open weekdays between 10AM to 4PM for drop off. If you would like to come on a weekend, please call us in advance.

Our store is located at:

223 James Naismith Way
Almonte, ON, K0A 1A0

Option C: Ship your items. This is the best option for those who are out of the Ottawa region. You can mail your collection to our store for processing. Please ensure you have already submitted a buylist BEFORE sending in your collection. Sellers are responsible for shipping costs.

Ship to address:

GT Games
223 James Naismith Way
Almonte, ON, K0A 1A0




How Much Do You Pay For Cards? Regular Rates: Please use our card buylist tool for up to date pricing. Prices change daily and can always be checked within the tool.

Bulk Rates: 
We purchase common/uncommon cards in bulk at the rate of 1.50$ per 1000 cards. 0.05$ each for rares, 0.10$ for mythics and 0.05$ for any foils. English only, No Un-Sets, No Conspiracies. These prices are in Cash, add 30% for store credit.

How Much Do You Pay For Video Games? | Regular Rates: We are very transparent with our buying value and like to let customers know in advance of a trade-in. We always refer to to get current values for video games. We then apply a purchase percentage against the current pricecharting value as follows:

Pricecharting value $0-$10 $10 to $45 $45+
Our buy price 18% 45% 60%


You can download our video game excel template to help with your submission.

Bulk Rates: If you have a large collection, or are looking for quick value, we offer bulk pricing at $2 per game. Simply count the number of games and multiple by 2 for an estimated bulk pricing. Consoles are bulked at $20 per complete console.

Payment Methods
 | Cash, e-transfer or store credit (for Canadian bank account holders). 

Receiving your Submission | If your buylist submission is not in our hands within 20 days of your submission, we may ask you to re-submit a new one. 

Big Collection? | If you have an extensive collection and would like to skip the part where you enter each item individually, we will gladly do it for you. Please contact us at or give us a call at 1-855-482-4263.